The surroundings of Ronja Gård

Ronja Gård is situated in the southern part of Finnskogen.

A wonderful untouched forest and lake area, extending from the height of Oslo to the north along the border with Sweden across a distance of approximately 150 km.

The area owes its name to the settlement of the Finns in the course of the 17th century. These new inhabitants have clearly marked the landscape and culture of this region.

Ronja Gård is located on the Jösseälv canoe route which goes through the lakes of Norway and Sweden.

The long distance walking trail which leads through entire "Finnskogen" along the border with Sweden has its starting point close to Ronja Gård.

Ronja Gård is situated 30 km from Kongsvinger, a Norwegian fortress town and the centre of the region. Among others, museums, a fortress from the 17th century, and a lot of shops can be found here.

Located at a distance of 60 km from Ronja Gård is Swedish Arvika, a town with many galleries, craft shops, and an old trading dock at the lake.


By car: A short description from Oslo, Norway or Göteborg, Sweden is given. Click on Oslo or Göteborg to find this.
By train and bus: From Oslo to Kongsvinger. From here the local bus to near Ronja Gård (± 1 km) can be taken.
By plane: To the airport of Oslo, Gardermoen. From here the express bus to Kongsvinger can be taken and then the local bus to near Ronja Gård (± 1 km).


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